Monday, February 28, 2011

Designed by the Bride - Free Trial!!

Latest DBG

Planning a wedding presents many decisions to be made. Color schemes, types of flowers, and designing your cake are just a few of the choices you will have to make. Having these ideas and communicating to your vendors can also get tricky; your idea of an elegant rose centerpiece may be executed as a Rose Bowl Parade float reject, and we can’t be having that on your big day.

Enter Designed by the Bride, an online tool that lets you decorate your cake ,bouquets and centerpieces.
Designed by the Bride was dreamed up of by two friends , who were planning their wedding and searched everywhere for a tool that would allow for virtual styling of these important wedding details.

To create the exact look you want, there is a tool bar that allows you to increase/decrease flower size and flip, rotate or move flowers front to back (with almost 250 flowers to choose from). You also have the option to change the background color, giving you the ability to envision your designs against different dress colors or tablecloths. Once you’ve finished designing, you can save your design and either print or email it for others to see. And if you have a new idea or changed your mind, you can simply go back and design another!

Designed by the Bride also prides itself on Going Green! Now you can see multiple designs without the cost, or waste of flowers.

Designing is free with a limited number of choices. But for a small fee you can become a subscriber to Bloom, where you have access to all options.  
For a limited time, Designed by the Bride is giving away free 2 day trials to Bloom. Email today and mention District Bride Guide to receive your free trial!

visit Designed by the Bride at
Happy Designing!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rue La La - Indeed!

The always fabulous Natasha sent me a link to join Rue La La which satisfies my need for shopping for pretty things at a great deal.

They will have various designer boutiques open up with items drastically marked down. They have everything from designer clothes to houseware and goodies inbetween.

I was shopping in the Kate Spade houseware section and they even have some of my wedding china of Belle Boulevard and Larabee dot frames on sale!

If you need an invitation to join I'll send you one! ;)

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


BHLDN ( Beholden) is the whimsical sister site of Anthropologie but with party dresses and wedding delights.

There is a fun Bridal guide finder quiz on there ( I scored Romantic ) that will help aid in your dress decision making.

From accessories, shoes , gowns and everything in between it is def worth checking out. :)

Here are some of my favs

Ethereal Monarch Gown

Agave Peep-Toes

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Rooftop at Rockville's Town Center

Are you sick of looking at generic ballrooms and hotels for your wedding?

Do you want a unique venue that has a vogue city feeling yet conveintly located in your neighborhood?

If so look at The Rooftop at Rockville's Town Center , the only open air rooftop located in Montgomery County. In conjunction with the Center for Visual Arts you have the option of having your ceremony and cocktail hour in the fun and artsy  VisArts event space and gallery followed by dinner and dancing under the stars on The Rooftop, or vice versa, really your options are endless and  they will throw in the moon and stars for free!

Are you interested in more information?

 If so check out or e-mail at

They are hosting an upcoming Bridal Show on Sunday, April 10th. More information to come!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Tomorrow is my big quarter of a century birthday. Initial reaction was a few eeeeeks and "I'm getting so old" but when I really reflect I'm quite happy where I am  ; amazing friends and family, loving husband, a job I love and 2 crazy chihuahuas to keep me on my toes.

Another great thing about birthday's are all the fabulous perks of the coupon. Restaurant gift cards, panera freebies, philosophy body wash from sephora . (Ok I'm a sucker for e-mail acquisition.) as well as  free drinks  and an excuse to wear a tiara at a bar.

I'm looking forward to a day of getting pampered followed by an epic night with friends :)

Like a fine wine just getting better with age!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If your familiar with and ( if not you should def  subscribe to get daily deals sent to you based on your city) you'll love .

At you can purchase $25 gift cards for $10 ( and once you register they will send you e-mails for $25 gift cards for $3.)

There are a few restrictions when purchasing such as a minimal spending amount or it can only be used Monday-Thursday, it is still worth it and new restaurants around the country are being added everyday!

Images via We Heart It

Monday, February 7, 2011

Skinny Girl Margarita

I love the Housewives series and I love margaritas so naturally I had to try Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Margarita.

The bottle is cute and sleek but the drink itself is ok. It's lo-cal and would taste better with salt or a splash of grenadine or orange juice or something but that would not make it a skinny margarita. Humph.

However it is strong so after one you don't really mind it that much ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

They saved your date now save their day . . . the necessity of a bathroom basket.

Latest DBG

There are so many glamorous aspects of a wedding  but thinking about your bathroom is at the bottom of that list. However stocking a bathroom basket with tolietires  can save a guest’s day.
My recommended bathroom basket necessities.
For Saving Face + Party Dresses
  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Lint Roller
  • Mini Sewing kit
  • Spray deodorant ( do not get regular roll on, think about it . . . eww)
  • Tampons/pads
  • Lotion + light body spray
  • Bobbi pins / hair elastics
  • Hairspray
  • Mints
  • Clear nail polish
  • If your wedding is outdoors  sunblock and bug spray would be very appreciated.
  • Floss/ mouthwash/ brush ups
  • Tide to go pen
 For when the Electric Slide really gets going
  • Ibuprofen
  • Antacids
  • Band aids
  • Neosporin
  • Cough Drops
You can all of these necessities at Costco reasonably priced. You can use a variety of containers ranging from a wicker basket to a flower pot, go with your theme.
It’s always nice to add a scented candle or diffuser to the bathroom as well as framed pictures of the couple and even a cute bathroom poem.
I used this one , in a frame with our wedding monogram.
Welcome to Our Wedding
Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you for joining us on our special day.
If your skin feels dry, your hair out of place,
Your throat is parched, or whatever the case,
We’ve put this together to help you along,
Now get yourself out there before the next song!
(Author Unknown, quite clever though! )

Your guests will be able to get back on the dance floor after being saved by the basket!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Relic Bethesda

Last night Natasha and I went to Relic restaurant/lounge/bar and it was fab! The entrance is flanked by two western saddles and the decor is a combination of Gothic chandeliers ,faux waterfall bar, animal prints and damask but in a cool dark lounge way. We were seated at a comfy couch  surrounded by curtains and pillar futons.  We ordered drinks and  good sized small plates and here's my order of favorites.

1- German Chocolate Cake Martini- My new fav drink, tastes like it's name sake. Combination of malibu, frangelico, vanilla vodka and lemon.
2. Chicken Skewers- Sooo good! Kabobs of chicken, onion, and peppers with a balsamic dipping sauce.
3. Calamari - Not too greasy or fishy tasting.
4.Cheese Plate- brie,goat cheese, manchego and gruyere, yum!
5. Green Butted Skunk + Wicked Witch cocktail- I had a sip of Natasha's drink and ordered the witch . Kinda tangy with the midori added but not bad.
6. Spinach dip- spinach, crab and shrimp. Not my fav.

That night they were trying out an open bar after 11 with a dj. We didn't stay that late but we would def come back to investigate.

I'll def be back and they are on :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LA memories

Perhaps it's this lovely thunder/blizzard/rainy/icy weather thats making me miss sundresses and sunshine. I went to LA for the first time months ago with my childhood friend Kathleen and absolutely loved it. We stayed on Sunset Blvd,  shopped partied, did a celebrity home tour , went to The Grove, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive and hot spots. Here are some pics and highlights :)

 The martinis were muddled fresh watermelon and basil. Can you say delicious!
 The Sky Bar

LC's pad from The Hills

Kathleen & the Hollywood Hills
 Crazy Street People
We met up with fellow MDer Bobbi :)
Madame Tussauds was a blast!

Wish we had pinkberry here!

Make sure ur wawas don't get hurt!

Rodeo Drive

The Bridal Bar

Me in the Bridal Bar ( Wedding Belle fav)

Marilyn Monroe's hand prints

 At the bar at Chateau Marmont

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Bowl

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I'll pretend to give a crap about the Super Bowl if you pretend to give a crap about Valentine's Day.

Attention Curly Girls - Sebastian Whipped Creme!

I am always on the search for great curl products. My current fav is Sebastian Whipped Creme. It's super conditioning,  light and keeps curls bouncy and soft. And bonus it looks like a whipped cream bottle and it dispenses great smelling curl cream!   Shake well and dispense into palms and distribute through your hair, use wet or dry.